Skills for modern teaching

10 skills modern teachers must have. Nothing mysterious or even challenging, but will allow for growth and creativity and more engaging classrooms and teaching. Really use your PLN, know when to use technology and when to turn it off, expand and manage social media….

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After a few day…

After a few days of reflecting on #NAISAC13 (the National Association of Independent Schools’ Annual Conference 2013), I am hopeful!

From the general sessions that NAIS curated, I cannot imagine that there could be much confusion about core message – schooling and education are experiencing a grand revolution, and NAIS schools can be leaders or left behind in this revolution. It’s a choice.

Reflections on #NAISAC13 from Bo Adams

Cannot miss that message and its impact on all of us and our planning, curriculum and academic philosophy.  Read on.

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40 Ways to Use Google Apps in Education ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

This is a great article with linked video tutorials:  Beyond gmail and docs, use forms to create simple surveys and assessments, groups and talk to create class discussions and private chat groups, sync calendar with your classes and students, and more collaboration tools on drive.

40 Ways to Use Google Apps in Education ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

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The ADP Center for Teacher Preparation & Learning Technologies

The ADP Center for Teacher Preparation & Learning Technologies.

This is a terrific resource for incorporating technologies into the classroom to help students refine 21st century skills in a variety of disciplines and age levels:

The ADP Center for Teacher Preparation and Learning Technologies is a hub for innovation in pedagogy, curriculum and instructional planning, educational technology, online & hybrid teaching and professional development within the Center of Pedagogy at Montclair State University. The ADP Center mission is to improve the quality of education for teacher education students, faculty, practicing teachers, counselors, administrators, and others in professional careers in pre-K through secondary schools and post secondary education by providing access to our more than 30,000 curriculum, assessment & instructional technology resources both in a physical library and online, highly mediated instructional spaces, educational computing laboratories, an online learning design studio, educational media publishing tools as well as the requisite support and professional development in using them to improve education.

Online resource guide  (

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Top 100 Tools for Learning

#1 Twitter, #2 Youtube, #3 Google Drive….read on.  How many have you used in your own learning, or with your students?  Is there some thing on the list you’d like to learn more about? Just ask.

Top 100 Tools for Learning.

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7 Essential Principles of Innovative Learning | MindShift Many teachers are doing some of these some of the time. If we become more mindful, we’ll do better.

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Digital, Interest-driven, Skill-based

Three Trends That Will Shape the Future of Curriculum | MindShift.

We know schools and education are changing, some faster than others.  Some will lead and many will follow.  Which do we want to be?  If we’d like to be among the leaders, we need a plan and a timetable.  The conversation is taking place all around us, let’s become a part of it.

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