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I’m sharing a post from a NAIS Teachers of the Future blog:  an independent school math teacher from Maryland talks frankly about the value of Twitter above all other means of staying connected and current in her profession.  Follow her on Twitter or add this blog to your Feedly content.

Twitter is a powerful backchannel at conferences, to share and keep track of ideas and resources from sessions. Additionally, when searching through what people had tweeted for the day, I was able to learn about what went on in the sessions that I could not attend (since multiple ones were going on simultaneously). The twitter feed from the day was also a way for me to keep connected with people that I met,  for me to learn more about what they are currently doing, and to keep up to date with their projects in the future……When I started using twitter, I just lurked at first. After a couple months of that, I just began retweeting. It really took me several months to feel comfortable sending out my own tweets. I’m on the shy side, and putting myself out there like that was just scary at first. But once I started to really see the power of twitter and what an amazing community I could become a part of, the excitement of it all way overpowered any fears, and now I don’t know what I would do without my twitter buddies. So I’d like to propose the following: let’s just start by creating a hashtag – #NAISToF(capitalization doesn’t matter). Those of us using twitter already can get things started by tweeting to that hashtag (or adding the hashtag to a RT). If our goal could just be for each of us to contribute 5 things to that hashtag, that would give us a great place to start. I’ll be responsible for sharing that out with the group for now so that even people who don’t yet have a twitter account can follow. I really hope that this post sparks some conversation.

PS – For those of you new to twitter, who would like a place to start, you can also just take a glimpse through my daily reads listI would recommend following these #edchat Super Stars

Stacey Roshan
Math Teacher
Bullis School
Potomac, MD


About sharris

Ninth Grade Dean, English Teacher, Community Service Advisor, Girl's Rugby Coach at The Harvey School - an independent 6-12 school in Westchester County
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