The ADP Center for Teacher Preparation & Learning Technologies

The ADP Center for Teacher Preparation & Learning Technologies.

This is a terrific resource for incorporating technologies into the classroom to help students refine 21st century skills in a variety of disciplines and age levels:

The ADP Center for Teacher Preparation and Learning Technologies is a hub for innovation in pedagogy, curriculum and instructional planning, educational technology, online & hybrid teaching and professional development within the Center of Pedagogy at Montclair State University. The ADP Center mission is to improve the quality of education for teacher education students, faculty, practicing teachers, counselors, administrators, and others in professional careers in pre-K through secondary schools and post secondary education by providing access to our more than 30,000 curriculum, assessment & instructional technology resources both in a physical library and online, highly mediated instructional spaces, educational computing laboratories, an online learning design studio, educational media publishing tools as well as the requisite support and professional development in using them to improve education.

Online resource guide  (


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Ninth Grade Dean, English Teacher, Community Service Advisor, Girl's Rugby Coach at The Harvey School - an independent 6-12 school in Westchester County
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