The “fab lab” at Marymount School

Thank you Will.  We need to start thinking about a “fab lab” in all our schools.

I know…the Fab Lab is hard. There’s no money. There’s no space. We’d need training. Lots of “Yeah, Buts”. But I’d argue the bigger problem is there is no vision. If we see this as better learning than the lockstep curriculum that we’re currently delivering in a variety of ways in schools, then why aren’t we fighting harder for it? Why aren’t we demanding it? Why aren’t we at least starting conversations around it?

The good news is, some people are.

Need a roadmap? Follow the kids at Marymount. We have a problem we need to solve. Schools are under a huge challenge from the Web, and we’re not changing. Take out your sketchpads. Start fabricating. Start talking. Start dreaming. Start creating a vision for teaching and learning that makes more sense for this moment. Engage in that conversation anywhere you can.” 

Will · Our New Value: Making Stuff With Kids.


About sharris

Ninth Grade Dean, English Teacher, Community Service Advisor, Girl's Rugby Coach at The Harvey School - an independent 6-12 school in Westchester County
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