The Social Media Time Debate

I know that adding social media to your 24+ hours day seems daunting, but take a moment to read this post from Sheninger on how he manages to be an effective High School Principal (with a full travel/speaking schedule), husband and father.  In fact, once you dive in, you’ll find that sites like Twitter, RSS news feeds, blogs, etc. help streamline the flow of important information so that you can be much better informed.

Eric Sheninger: The Social Media Time Debate.    The entire purpose of this post is to paint a clear picture of how my time is well spent when it comes to social media. My sacrifice comes during down periods, not at the expense of professional and personal roles that I fill. What I gain is invaluable to my growth as a principal and learner. These are just some of the avenues that I utilize to become more effective, efficient, and better at what I do.”


About sharris

Ninth Grade Dean, English Teacher, Community Service Advisor, Girl's Rugby Coach at The Harvey School - an independent 6-12 school in Westchester County
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