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These are great tips for all google users.

Customize news search, add variety of stars and icons to gmails, remotely access account activity and sign out, highlight pertinent text in gmail replies, and more.  Read on: 19 handy Google tricks that you weren’t aware of – The Next … Continue reading

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EdTech Cheat Sheet

See if you’re familiar with all of these terms.  If not maybe a good idea to learn more.  They’re all used daily in academia and you want to a part of the conversation. 24 Ed-Tech Terms You Should Know | … Continue reading

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PLN Starter Kit – LiveBinder

A terrific resource with links and video guides to developing a Personal (or Professional) Learning Network.  Nings, twitter, facebook, blogs, RSS feeds, and conferences, meetings, etc. PLN Starter Kit – LiveBinder.

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The Plagiarism Spectrum |

The Plagiarism Spectrum | This is a great resource for students and teachers.  In today’s digital, interactive world the line blurs between “collaboration” and “cheating”.  We all know the strict definition of plagiarism, but what about the question of intent? … Continue reading

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