I’ve used this at many conferences – its something like Twitter to use, but each “chat room” is unique to your specific purpose – classroom, project, assignment  – and totally private.  The teachers below posted this on NAIS blog:

TodaysMeet.  I have been very keen to build my PLN (Personal Learning Network) and have been watching my Twitter feed go crazy over this website called Today’s Meet…..I pulled up the site and realized that my PLN was absolutely right.  What an easy way to type-talk to one another.  I created a private chat room URL within seconds and gave the link to my students.  They were instructed to not speak to anyone and only answer the question I gave as the ice-breaker.  We were reading a short history of slavery, and they were not participating in the verbal discussion at all.  Then they learned how to respond by only typing 140 characters, and they were hooked!  My quietest child was making comments to others in the class by giving insight that was valuable.  Participation was at 100%, no talking needed!  Even my most active students were completely silent and engaged in what their classmates were saying on the site…..Since that day, we have communicated with many other classrooms across the United States.  I have met many like-minded teachers on Twitter and Edmodo.   Julie Fritz, Teacher, Saint Mark’s School – San Rafael


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Ninth Grade Dean, English Teacher, Community Service Advisor, Girl's Rugby Coach at The Harvey School - an independent 6-12 school in Westchester County
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